Hey Tom!

I've been seeing, it seems anyway, more and more mention of "chipotle peppers". What exactly are chipotle peppers and where can I buy them?

A. The chipotle [chih-POHT-lay] is actually a dried, smoked jalapeņo. Chipotles have a wrinkled, dark brown skin and a smoky, sweet, almost chocolaty flavor. They can be found dried, pickled and canned in adobo sauce [a dark-red, rather piquant sauce or paste made from ground chiles, herbs and vinegar].

Chipotles are generally added to stews and sauces; the pickled variety are often eaten as appetizers.

As you mentioned, chipotles are becoming increasingly popular; therefore, you should be able to find them at your local grocery store. If not, try your nearest specialty store. If all else fails, you can find them on the Internet.

Thank you so much for your question!

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